I have a good number of subscribers and know how to promote my social media posts to get more likes. Why would I need your help with my advertising campaigns?

The standard targeting instruments allow you to reach a fairly limited segment of the relevant audience pre-determined by the social network. You have a set number of criteria to choose from. As a result, every artist and organization promoting their posts in a chosen location is reaching more or less the same people, leading to content oversaturation and fatigue. This is why a seemingly large target audience shows an often disappointing level of interest and engagement.

We know how to combine paid traffic with organic audience engagement, always using a variety of social media tools for best possible results. We create turn-key campaigns, handling all aspects of the process and using a wide variety of advanced instruments.

Do you mean there is a difference between ads and «sponsored»/«promoted» posts on Facebook?

Sponsored/promoted posts are regular posts, which appear in your feed and which have been boosted using very basic demographic criteria pre-set by Facebook. The Facebook algorithm shows such posts to a slightly larger number of people who have already subscribed to your page and/or have indicated their interest in the subjects you have selected. An ad is a post that is created according to specific Facebook guidelines and posted from your advertising account. It can be targeted much more precisely to a much wider group of people whose profile and behavior resembles those of your existing followers.

How do you create a good target audience for an advertising campaign?

We start with the creation of your unique personal audience database. We start with your actual fans, i. e. those who visit your website, subscribe to your newsletters, like, share, and comment on your posts. Then we expand it to include those who behave similarly but might not yet have discovered you. These are the so-called “lookalikes”, i. e. people who share key characteristics with your active fanbase. This complex process requires a highly specialized skill-set.

When this database is transferred to your social media advertising accounts and used for precise targeting, your posts reach an audience of much higher quality.

Can I use this database forever?

The audience database can be used multiple times (for multiple advertising campaigns), as long as they are well spaced out in time so you are not constantly bombarding it with information. Some content (live concert announcements) is only relevant to a certain segment of this audience based in a particular location. Good social media “hygiene” suggests reviewing and refreshing the audience database at least once a year to keep it relevant and growing.

So if I have a good personalized audience database, my posts will always perform well?

The quality of your content remains a key factor in the success of your social media activity, especially of the advertising campaigns. Putting an underwhelming piece of content in front of your most carefully selected loyal audience will not only fail to inspire a positive reaction, it might even result in unsubscribing. However, high-quality engaging posts don’t have to be perfect. It’s easy to get paralyzed by the desire to create a masterpiece but it’s not worth it. Remember that social media is, by nature, transitory and your posts, unlike your recordings, are not for the ages.

Is targeting really worth the expense?

Social networks charge for each “impression” (each time someone sees your content) regardless of whether this someone shows any interest. Targeting the content to the audience most likely to respond positively allows us to optimize the cost of each impression. We monitor the effectiveness of the advertising campaign in real time and make adjustments in order to avoid burning out the audience with too many impressions of the same/similar content.

Why do I need Insight?

Insight delivers an accurate multi-dimensional portrait of your audience by comparing data from several analytics systems. We also show you how it measures up against that of similar institutions. This actionable insight enhances your digital media expertise and helps streamline your efforts.

What can I do to keep my audience engaged?

A strong game plan will depend on your audience, but here are some general recommendations:

  • Use high-quality videos with good sound and lighting, even if they are homemade;
  • Use compelling images;
  • Write simple but emotionally engaging texts in the first person;
  • Don’t post too frequently or too rarely, find your rhythm and stick to it;
  • A bit of humor goes a long way – have fun with it

Because of Covid-19 no concerts are taking place at the moment. Why should I care about Mastermind now?

With much of artistic activity taking place online, it is more important than ever for your “hot” audience (i. e. the people who subscribe to your platforms or specifically search for you on Google) to see your digital stage set professionally and consistently. It is also important to show your audience that you are renewing your artistic priorities and using this time to focus on things that are particularly meaningful to you. This can be easily achieved by updating the overall look of your social media platforms by changing the cover images. Think of it as a seasonal “wardrobe change”. Last but not least, Mastermind enhances data collection, which is one of the greatest values of using digital media.