Running effective ad
campaigns on a budget

By now you realize that social media platforms and search engines make money by forcing you to pay for access to your own audience. You also know that social media advertising is much more effective than any other kind.

Through expertly designed and run advertising and communications campaigns, we help artists and cultural institutions find the optimal rate of return for their advertising budgets, whether it is measured in ticket sales, online views, recording downloads, or subscriptions.


more people to watch and listen to your next digital release?

every available seat to be filled at your next concert?

to build a bridge between your online and offline audiences?

How is this different
from “sponsored” or
“promoted” posts?
We know how to combine paid traffic with organic audience engagement, always using a variety of social media tools for best possible results.
We create turn-key campaigns, handling all aspects of the process and using a wide variety of advanced instruments.

On your behalf,
our team will:

Develop multi-channel results-oriented communications and advertising campaigns

Write ad copy

Design visual assets

Produce promotional videos

Create detailed audience profiles based on your existing data and run ads with specific key performance indicators (KPI) in mind

Build sales funnels that engage your target audience based on your objectives

Collect and analyze user data to expand your target audience

Your campaigns will
benefit from expert
use of:

Advertising platforms of Google, Facebook / Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube

Data parsers

Google Analytics and statistical data collected by your advertising and social media accounts

Audience research based on public data, such as key interests and online behavior of your existing and potential subscribers / followers


42We rely on the experience of running an average of 42 campaigns per year
83%Our average ticket sales are 83% of the venue capacity
1 in 5One in five of our advertising campaigns leads to a sold event
100 423We have sold 100 423 tickets in our first three years in business
3We operate on three different continents
5-12We use an average of five to twelve types of target audiences for each campaign

Primavera Digital

Our approach is informed by the unique context of the performing arts and tailored to your individual situation. Please request the questionnaire to help us create a customized proposal.