Setting your
digital stage

Anyone can use the available technology to produce, publish and promote digital content. Getting the attention your content deserves is another matter.

Mastermind empowers you to take control of your digital presence, to upgrade, fine-tune, and integrate all your platforms, so you can use them to support your artistic life.

Our approach is informed by the unique context of the performing arts and tailored to your individual situation.


A comprehensive visual and technical diagnostic of your social media situation.

A visual and technical upgrade of your social media accounts:

  • Creating artist accounts / channels and claiming artist profiles, wherenecessary;
  • Designing appropriate cover images for each account, according to the technical standards of the platform;
  • Creating appropriate descriptions of artist account / channel / profile;
  • Adjusting the settings and creating widgets for each account, according to specific artistic and promotional agenda.

Increased visibility on YouTube:

  • Creating video playlists on your YouTube channel
  • Setting up tags

Creation of a media package for your promo campaign:

  • Images
  • Copy

Facebook advertiser account set-up

Assembling a target audience for your promo campaign

Conducting your promo campaign

Analytics systems set-up for retargeting/remarketing:

  • Social media pixels
  • Google Analytics

A comprehensive report on the results of our work

Website SEO

30-second video promo video

Google Analytics



21 days
7 days promo


31 days
10 days promo


Once our team has completed the
work, you will have:

  • More attractive and technically fine-tuned digital media platforms;
  • Greater engagement with your social media content, i. e. an increase in the views, comments, and shares;
  • An increase in the number of subscribers and followers;
  • Valuable insights into your audience demographics;
  • Custom-built target audience database, which you can use for future promotional activities.

Do you want your art
to reach more people?


We know how to set up a YouTube channel so that its total amount of time watched can increase by 200%.

We know how to optimize the social networks’ settings in order to minimize spending on content promotion.
Our clients’ organic traffic can increase by 100% as a result of our work.

We know how to multiply the number of new unique followers and subscribers by 300% in 21 days.


Our approach is informed by the unique context of the performing arts and tailored to your individual situation. Please request the questionnaire to help us create a customized proposal.

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