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for better planning

You have worked hard to assemble your audience, and now you expect your audience to work for you. For this, you need comprehensive and detailed understanding of your social media followers and website visitors, their profiles and behavior.

This service, which includes multifactor research and in-depth analysis of your audience’s data, offers the necessary clarity and serves as a sound knowledge basis for much more effective digital media planning and activity.


Usual reaction of our clients:

Why do I need

Because we deliver an accurate multi-dimensional portrait of your audience by comparing data from several analytics systems.

We also show you how it measures up against that of similar institutions. This actionable insight enhances your digital media expertise and helps streamline your effort.


How can I apply

The results of this
research and analysis
allow you to:

Develop an effective strategy for social and traditional media and a detailed media plan geared towards building a sustainable social connection with your audience
Raise the quality of your communication with the existing audience based on actual knowledge of its age, interests, location, and reaction (or lack thereof) to different types of posts
Develop promotional activities that are tailored to specific segments of your audience
Run high-impact & cost-efficient advertising campaigns
Continuously expand your audience by attracting new constituents with similar demographics and interests

How do we do that?

Social media

  • Social media audience research and analysis; development of your user profiles
  • Content quality and engagement analysis, conclusions on the audience response to different types of publications


  • Visual and technical analysis
  • Installation of social media pixels
  • Proper set-up of the analytics system


  • Review and interpretation of your user profile and behavior based on the data collected by the channel’s analytics system
  • Research and analysis of the channels run by similar institutions

The takeaway:

  • A comprehensive report on your existing social media and website audience, its profile(s) and online behavior, contextualized with the metrics of the competition
  • General recommendations for managing your YouTube-channel
  • General recommendations for managing your social media accounts and audience interaction; the basics of media planning
  • General recommendations for website settings and management
  • Links to useful online resources for your future independent work on this front

Primavera Digital

Our approach is informed by the unique context of the performing arts and tailored to your individual situation. Please request the questionnaire to help us create a customized proposal.